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Produits > Adhesive label for a highly effective hold on tyre of various rubbers
Adhesive label for a highly effective hold on tyre of various rubbers
Adhesive label for a highly effective hold on tyre of various rubbers

Adhesive label for a highly effective hold on tyre of various rubbers

Adhesive label for a highly effective hold on tyre of various rubbers

Adhesive label for excellent adhesion to tyre rubber.

It integrates perfectly into your production processes to identify or trace manufacturing orders. In a pressurised mould at 170°C for 45 minutes, it leaves no creases or traces of adhesive in the mould. A guarantee of quality for repeated and intensive use of the pneumatic mould in rubber tyre manufacturing conditions.

You can print the information you need for tracking on a laser or inkjet printer, or on a thermal printer. Or you can use a simple barcode to track your production.

L'histoire de l'étiquette :

History of the label :

Tyres that are safe in summer and winter: thanks to Gen'étiq labels

Since the Mountain Law in France and in some European countries, such as Germany, Luxembourg and Finland, "snow tyres" have been compulsory to guarantee road safety during the winter period.

A major car dealership wanted a label with a strong adhesive that could stick to the rubber of tyres and make it easier to manage the winter/summer Michelin tyres it was stocking.

We provided an economical and intelligent solution: ultra-adhesive labels in A4 sheets, compatible with any printer.

Pre-printed or blank, with a different color code for each season, they offer the possibility of adding any useful information (storage date, chassis number, identification of tyre wear, etc.).
At the end of each season, operators can identify tyres that have not been removed from stock and remind customers to change their winter or summer tyres.

Other car dealers, garages, tyre manufacturers and equipment suppliers trust us to trace their parts: Point S, Peugeot Sian, Norauto, Auto5, Midas in Europe.

A major challenge, already identified by Gen'étiq, for security and tyre hotel companies. and tyre hotels.

Type / application : Traçabilité, Technique, Authentification.

Lieux d'application :

Application areas :

As a professional car centre, garage, tyre hotel, car, HGV or agricultural dealer or tyre manufacturer, our Tyre Care label solution, which has been tested on more than 1 million tyres over 10 years, is the ideal solution for your business. It's more effective than conventional adhesive labels or staples, and more economical than label holders or chalk inscriptions.

Ultra-adhesive glue: your references will feel like they're welded to your tyres

With its high-performance adhesion on difficult surfaces, it's an interesting solution for many other operating environments, such as nuclear power, industry, metallurgy on rolled steel or the food industry on bags of starch. Our labels will help you organise your pallets and other shelving.

Customisable on your own office printer, which will always stay in shape.

Caractéristiques techniques :

Tecnhical specifications:

Substrate : Paper

Adhesive : Very aggressive permanent adhesive

Protector : Kraft

Adhesive temperature: -40°C to +100°C

Application: All difficult surfaces, porous, dusty, grainy, damp, etc.

Printable : On inkjet or laser office printers

Packaging: A4 sheets with 4 labels

Format: Label: 95x130 mm

Storage : Indoors, in dry, temperate conditions, without UV exposure

Other: Pre-printable, customisable protector, RFID technology, packaging on rolls, etc., on request.

Thanks to our customisation options, don't hesitate to challenge us because we haven't yet thought of all the possibilities. We can already modify/add :

- Format and shape


- QR code printing, numbering, fluorescence, phosphorescence, UV development, optical ink, reversible/irreversible thermochromic ink.