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Adhesive label for difficult surfaces, powerful bonding, industrial glue.

Adhesive label for difficult surfaces, powerful bonding, industrial glue.

Adhesive label for difficult surfaces, powerful bonding, industrial glue.

Too often labels come off, so we've developed a label that sticks.label needs to be personalized and printable, so we've adapted it for use on office, laser and inkjet printers.

As customers tell us, it's absolutly genius !

The label can be used for well identifying

* stock of radioactive products,

* Used tyres,

* polypro drums,

* wooden pallets,

* rubber parts,

* steel bars.

The powerful adhesive used enables the label to be stuck to a carbon bar coming out of a cooling pool!

Label formats are made to order, and of course you can choose your favorite adhesive from the twenty or so references available.

Gluing is easy with Geni-Laser® technology.

This Geni-laser technology makes possible to use powerful industrial adhesives while avoiding jamming in office printers. This is a major advantage for label presentations on A4 sheets.

Unique perzonalisation
Gen'étiq offers a unique perzonalisation on all its products, with unlimited technological stacking: random numbering, barcode, hologram, logo or image, UV authentication, etc.

Its strength?

Its adaptability
Adapts to all difficult surfaces
Saves time and money

L'histoire de l'étiquette :

History of the label :

Several customers have called us to come up with a simple adhesive label solution that can be printed with their office printer, but which has to stick super hard.

We tested several adhesives and so-called 'strong-bond' glues that we ran through our office printers before finding the solution using our Laser-Gen technology.

The problem was creep (the glue running down the side of the label).

If you reduce the thickness of the adhesive, it doesn't stick any more, and if you increase it, you can't print A4 without creating a jam!

We had to find the right compromises and dosages...

We used half as much glue on the sides, and all that's left to do is produce the labels. It wasn't complicated, you just had to think about it and manage to produce them anyway.

This Géni-laser technology has been patented.

Available in a range of formats, it can be adapted to suit all your applications.

Type / application : Traçabilité, Technique, Sécurité, Ouverture.

Lieux d'application :

Application areas :

This model of label for difficult surfaces is suitable for companies that want to easily identify a product where labels don't stick.

This label can be applied to a wide range of sectors.

It can be used to identify plastic drums, nuclear power plant parts, tyres or wooden pallets.

The adhesive for difficult surfaces is ideal for use on materials such as wood, plastic, concrete, greasy metal, glass, etc.

Caractéristiques techniques :

Technical specifications :

Super strong bonding

A label that can pass through an office computer printer.

We apply the desired adhesive, and why not a 3M adhesive?

You can also choose the material of the label, depending on its use (paper or plastic).