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Étiquette intelligente

Les étiquettes intelligentes ou packaging intelligent vont au-delà d'une simple et banale application. Le but est de fournir une gamme de solutions sécurisées dans la fabrication, la distribution, les ventes, autres que les fonctions communes d'affichage standard.

Nom_gbr : Intelligent/smart labels

Description_gbr : Intelligent or smart labels and packaging solutions go beyond conventional label or pack applications so as to provide a whole range of clever solutions in the manufacturing, distribution, sales, end-use or after-use chain and provide functions other than the standard tasks of protection, display or information carrying.

Many intelligent or smart label solutions may be automatically read-some remotely, some can be activated in response to a trigger event, some can be switched on and off in response to certain conditions and some have the capability to have information added to them.

Étiquette intelligente


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